The faceplate is used to mount the sides of a traditional fixed axle yo-yo.




richard dlugo yoyo faceplate

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Yo-yo Profiles

Here are some popular profiles you can use to help shape your own yo-yo.



richard dlugo yo-yo profiles

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Sources of Supply

Here are some vendors for yo-yo kits and supplies. Simply search the web for "yo-yo kits woodturning" to find more.


Ball bearing, through version that uses small version of pen mandrel

Penn State Industries

Packard Woodworks





Other Resources



String it Up

Here are several YouTube links to videos that show how to make your own yo-yo string and the proper ways to string up a yo-yo. Use YouTube Search terms: "how to make yoyo string" or "string a yoyo"

How to Make Yoyo String

Learn how to Replace a Yoyo String

How to String a Yo-Yo - Beginner Yoyo Tutorial

How to Tie a Yo-Yo String and the First Throw