Pull Toys

For each grandchild's 1st birthday I created an animated pull toy. From the first one until the present they have grown more complex in mechanism and decoration.

An article on my Penguin Family pull toy appears in the December 2016 issue of American Woodturner. This magazine is published by the American Association of Woodturners (AAW) and can be reached at this link...
A video accompanies the article.

richard dlugo duck pull toy My first pull toy. A rather simple design, she waddles and her head can turn a 360.
richard dlugo circus elephants pull toy Circus elephants on parade with large colorful balls that rotate on top of the wheels.
richard dlugo dalmatian pull toy The Dalmatian has a cam on the front axle that animates a dog's panting tongue. The back axle is offset to wag his tail via a spring hidden within the black and white beads.
richard dlugo dalmation pull toy The caterpillar has a tummy full of food that keeps on churning around. Oh has it ever eaten too much!


The second birthday present is a puzzle. I made hundreds of them in the 70's and 80's for craft fairs. They're made from 2" maple stock. Rather sturdy and easy for little hands to work with.

richard dlugo owl puzzle The owl is purple to match Violet's name. The baby is cuddled under mother's wing.
richard dlugo butterfly puzzle A monarch butterfly was chosen for this one since the family was raising one indoors in its cocoon.


Each age four each child gets a bank. Of course they include some jingles inside to start them on their way to learning to save.

richard dlugo monster truck bank This one is by far the most complex bank. When full of change it must weigh 15lbs.
richard dlugo panda bank A simple loveable face. The back is clear plexiglass so you can see the coins inside.

Doll Beds

The grand girls have lovely collection of American Girl dolls. It's only natural that they have asked me to build beds and bunk beds.

richard dlugo spindle bed The first of several doll beds. Just a single bed with little spindles.
richard dlugo spindle bunk bed As more dolls came into the picture, the need for a bunk bed was evident.


Making their world more beautiful with mirrors and lenses.

richard dlugo kaleidoscope This one is a little over a foot in length. Filled with multi-colored crystals. The front rotates to change the image.

Even more toys

Here are a few others that the kids enjoy.

richard dlugo elevator The grand girls got a popular open concept dollhouse for Christmas. It needed a better way to get from floor to floor, so I designed an elevator, which is one of their favorites.
richard dlugo flower tiles Introducing a child to making a garden for her princess castle. These colorful tiles can be arranged in any way desired.
richard dlugo treasure chest Not every pirate has a chest this cool. Inside it's all padded with red fabric.
richard dlugo sea turtle world This toy went to a granddaughter who was crazy about sea turtles. Turtles with their fish friends and beach scape photo all get stored in an easy to close and carry box.
richard dlugo tractor and wagon Every boy needs to know what tractors are for. Some may even grow up to own and operate a farm.